Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved G-Sync Monitor Review

Grayscale Tracking And Gamma Response

Our grayscale and gamma tests are described in detail here.

The default color temp preset is called Warm and that appears to be an accurate description. There is a barely-perceptible red tint visible from 40 percent on up. If you don't calibrate, it's perfectly acceptable for gameplay and general tasks. The Z35's bonus color saturation will likely make fleshtones and other warm hues look a little more forward than a cooler white point would display.

A few tweaks of the RGB sliders brings all errors well below the visible level. The Z35 isn't too far off the mark even among the professional displays we've tested.

Here is our comparison group.

A 2.92dE out-of-box average puts the Z35 mid-pack among these premium gaming screens. Only the BenQ and Asus ROG Swift measure over three in this test. While not a grievous error, monitors that cost this much should be accurate without need for calibration.

Calibration puts all the displays in a better light. A .96dE result for the Z35 may be only a fifth-place finish but all of the monitors demonstrate excellent performance in the grayscale tracking test.

Gamma Response

Gamma is very solid with only the tiniest of errors at 10 and 70 percent. Tracking looks like the above regardless of picture mode or calibration. It will change however if the Adaptive Contrast is engaged. Then you'll be clipping highlight and shadow detail. There is so much contrast available that further enhancements just aren't necessary.

Here is our comparison group again.

None of the monitors have a significant variance in their gamma values. They all track pretty straight and true. We think this metric is especially important for VA panels since they have such a wide dynamic range. Accurate gamma means all details are rendered whether dark or light.

We calculate gamma deviation by simply expressing the difference from 2.2 as a percentage.

No issues to report here. With an average value of 2.17, the Z35 tracks our standard closely. The top-finishing Acer and BenQ are a bit closer to the mark but the differences here are extremely minor.

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  • aztec_scribe
    I really want the Freesync version of this monitor but I think ultimately I'll save and go for a VR headset instead. The light bleed from my IPS monitor is getting really annoying. I really wish VR wasn't so expensive.