Acer n50 Pocket PC

Palm has always been the big player in the PDA market, but that has not stopped contenders such as Acer from trying to ascend to the throne and win over the hearts and pockets of businessmen the world over.

The n50 Pocket PC is their current flagship, combining its Intel powered Windows functionality with a sleek, post-modern minimalist design which is quite pleasing to behold.


As you can see below, the n50 doesn't want for features and possibilities for expansion. It's loaded up with the now pretty standard networking utilities such as Bluetooth v1.2 and 801.11b Wi-Fi, and the combined 128MB flash memory will hopefully keep you out of too much trouble.

Coming with Windows Mobile edition means that the handheld has a familiar feel for Windows users from the off, and everything felt quite natural and familiar, transmitted through the crystal clear screen.

Model Acer n50 Handheld
Dimensions 120 (L) x 70 (W) x 17.4 (H) mm
Weight 150 g
OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Software for Pocket PC Premium Edition
Processor 312 MHz Intel PXA-272
Memory 64 MB Flash memory for operating system and embedded applications, 64 MB system memory for user applications and storage
Wireless LAN 802.11b
Bluetooth v1.2
Expansion Slot SD/MMC expansion slot with SDIO feature, CF Type II expansion slot, USB Host 1.1, Serial port
Display 3.5" high-brightness transflective TFT LCD (65,536 colours) with 240 x 320 (QVGA) resolution
Screen Orientation portrait or landscape
Battery Rechargeable and removable 1060 mAh Li-ion battery, Acer claims 8-hour battery life when backlight is inactive, 3-hours to fully recharge
Audio Two built-in mono speakers, 2.5 mm stereo earphone jack (top of unit), Built-in mono unidirectional microphone
Software Included Microsoft ActiveSync, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket MSN, PocketTV pro, TCPMP, Jawbreaker, Solitaire, MSN Messenger, Picture viewer, Calculator, Outlook, Notes, Internet Explorer,