Acer n35 GPS PDA review

GPS is becoming an increasingly consumer thing to have in the car, replacing the old fashioned scramble for large and unwieldy tree-killing maps when out on road trips; and hopefully silencing the wife with her cries of "NO NO! I meant the other left!"

It's certainly far more convenient to simply allow a piece of software to plan your journey for you. The Acer n35 GPS is one of the PDA models which try to bridge the gap between having a dedicated GPS system, like the TomTom Go 700, and a traditional PDA in one neat little package.

The idea is a good one: Write down notes in meetings, pop your email on the go and look over spreadsheets before hopping into the car, telling your PDA where you want to go and letting it do everything bar the road rage.

The implementation of this noble idea is another thing...

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