Acer Launches Pair Of 34-Inch Ultra-Wide Displays For US Market

Acer announced the availability of two new 34-inch ultra-wide 21:9 displays. Both models feature IPS panels that operate at 60 Hz and offer 6ms response times and 178-degrees of viewing angles. Acer boasted 100 percent sRGB color accuracy with 6-axis adjustment and 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio for each panel.

Acer included picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture modes for both displays. Picture-by-picture splits the display into two discernible screens, allowing for multiple side-by-side documents to be viewed. The picture-in-picture mode allows for the second input to be used to display a smaller embedded screen.

The two displays share most of the same features, but they are still very different monitors. The B346CK is equipped with a high resolution 3440x1440 panel that offers 320 cd/m brightness and the ability to reproduce 1.07 billion colors. The B346C features a lower resolution 2460x1080 panel with slightly lower 300 cd/m brightness, and it is capable of 16.7 million colors. Each panel includes Acer’s ComfyView anti-glare protection.

Both displays share the same exterior features. They share the same adjustable stand that can tilt and swivel, and it offers 5.9-inches of height adjustment. These monitors don’t offer native pivot, but they are VESA compliant, so they will fit on a variety of stands.

The B346CK and B346C monitors from Acer share the same connectivity options, too. They come equipped with a single DisplayPort, as well as an HDMI port that features MHL device charging. Acer also included a USB 3.0 hub on both models.

Acer said the new displays are very energy efficient. Not only have they both been certified by ENERGY STAR and qualified for TCO 6.0, the B346C and B346CK displays are EPEAT Gold registered, which Acer said is the highest level of EPEAT registration.

Both models are available now at Acer qualified resellers, including leading online retailers in the U.S. The B346C is available for $599 MSRP, and the B346CK is listed for $799 MSRP.

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  • tomc100
    Would it be cheaper to just use a 40" 4K TV?
  • kcarbotte
    132630 said:
    Would it be cheaper to just use a 40" 4K TV?

    a 4K tv would be limited to 30Hz which is a terrible experience for tooling around Windows.
  • Caanis Lupus
    Looks like they using the same crappy base plate they use on their V246HL. Still have a 22" at the house by them that is about 9 years old and we use a ton of the 24" at work.