Abit Says Farewell to Motherboards

Once again the rumor mill is churning with reports about enthusiast motherboard manufacturer Universal Abit. Reports have circulated that the company will be closing its doors for the last time on December 31st.

As many in the enthusiast community will know, Universal Abit has been a source of market departure rumors since it was acquired by Universal Scientific International (USI) in May 2006, when it ceased to operate under the brand name ABIT. Some of these rumors have come from south-east Asian distributors, who reported that Abit would stop shipment of motherboards by the end of 2008, but continue to honor warranties for another 3 years.

Just this week, Tweaktown received word that USI would dissolve Abit entirely on 31st of December. This would mean that the expected 3-year warranty period would need to be handled by USI directly, or not at all. Fortunately, after being contacted by Hardware Info, Universal Abit sales manager Fernando Benito ensured the community that, while the company will no longer produce motherboards, it will not be closing down entirely.

“ABIT will definitely continue to manufacture products, these will not be motherboards and we have not got a 100% clear picture yet on what products will be made... Products now made by USI that are not sold to OEM's will get the ABIT branding.”

Abit claims that despite the cease in motherboard production, it won't be going anywhere. But the abit that we all know will soon become only a memory, as it is shifting focus from enthusiast hardware to consumer electronics, such as the FunFab digital photo frame that was unveiled at Computex; a change that is clearly noticeable just from looking at the company's home page.

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  • paradigital
    Such a sad thing, I have been an avid abit fan since I first started building my own PC's back in the days of the (now legendary) BP6. I will definately be sad to see them go, and hand on heart I honestly can't say where I will go for my upgrade to i7 now. I've always disliked asus (perhaps wrongly) ever since my ownership of an A7V-133R and its utterly awful build quality. The only other manufacturer I've ever used was EPOX (bought because they released the first ever DDR based Socket A board in the UK).

    Sad times indeed :( Bye Bye Abit!

    Maybe Tom's could do a "history of abit" article, going through their more legendary product releases (like the BP6)?
  • david__t
    Asus are the best brand by far - they have been producing the top performing boards since the Socket 7 days and if you want build quality then check out the Ai Life series and the Republic of Gamers edition boards. My A7V333 is still going strong with my Barton 2500+ overclocked! Still sad to see the demise of Abit though - more competition always drives tech forward and lowers prices.
  • diss_dance
    Damn shame, still gotta BH6 & 300a knocking about some where. 95% of the best you could buy for 30& of the cost. Rock solid 24/7. Who let this once top company die???