Zotac Introduces Firestorm GeForce Overclocking Utility

ZOTAC has released its FireStorm overclocking utility that, despite being specifically designed for the company's line-up of GeForce graphics cards can in fact be used on almost all GeForce card. The tool is similar to Asus' Tweak OC utility and MSI's Afterburner and includes features such as GPU temperature monitoring, fan speed adjustment, voltage adjustment and Nvidia GPU Boost control. If you've got a GeForce GTX Titan, Firestorm will allow you to overclock your LCD display and force it to display a higher display rate.

Following the tool's release, Carsten Berger (ZOTAC's Senior Director) stated that "we wanted to create an overclocking utility that novices and enthusiasts can use to tweak and tune their ZOTAC GeForce series graphics cards. ZOTAC FireStorm is the result and enables users to adjust the GPU and memory clock speeds, voltage and fan speeds. Enthusiasts with the latest ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card can take advantage of display overclocking too."

The utility is available for download here.


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  • 13thmonkey
    i'm glad they have, but having installed it is rubbish compared to precision. you can't resize it, remove graph items, its like a first gen tool, all this functionality was inside the source of all of these programs rivatuner. Have they not looked any anyone else's tools?