Yahoo! Sacks 10 percent of Staff, Plans New Offices in Nebraska

A couple of days back Yahoo ! reported its earning for the Q3 2008. While the general consensus was “bad but not terrible” the company concluded (or rather the consultancy firm in September concluded) that cutbacks needed to be made before the year was out.

CEO, Jerry Yang, sent out a company-wide email shortly after breaking the news that in an effort to cut expenditure by $400 million, 10 percent of Yahoos would receive pink slips in the coming weeks.

Today the company announced that it would be opening a new data centre in Nebraska, which will mean at least 100 new employees. According to the AP, Yahoo applied for the biggest slate of state tax breaks available in Nebraska to help set up some operations in La Vista and the plans include a customer service center in Omaha.

If the company decides to go ahead with plans for the project, the AP reports it will mean a $100 million investment, creating 100 jobs each with a minimum average salary of $68,700.

It’s not clear whether or not Yahoo ! will try and relocate or rehire some of the old Yahoos to work in the Nebraska offices but we can’t imagine those who are about to be laid off will be too pleased to hear this news.

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