Chief Yahoo! Blogs About His Resignation

Chief Yahoo! and soon to be former CEO of the internet search giant has authored a post on the company’s official blog, letting users know that he will soon be leaving Yahoo! and no, it is not all lowercase.

News about Yang’s departure hit the wires late on Monday afternoon and spread like wildfire. Soon enough, everyone knew and everyone was talking about it. Yesterday, BoomTown published a copy of the official email Jerry sent to Yahoo! staff detailing his reasons for leaving. Today sees a similar announcement on Yahoo!’s Yodel blog.

While we’re not quite sure why Yahoo! or Yang feel the need to make three announcements (okay, so the memo wasn’t an official announcement but the company no doubt knew it would get out), it seems both are eager to drive home the message that a new leader is on the horizon.

Yang’s post, similar to the mail he sent to staff outlines why he came on board as CEO last June and remains adamant in his belief that, despite a tough external environment, the company has made real progress toward the goal of restructuring Yahoo!.

After talk of how proud he is of the company and its staff, Jerry assures readers that he will always bleed purple. Surprisingly, while many of Yang’s decisions have been criticised, the majority of comments are supportive and wish Yang well in his future endeavours. The full memo is pasted below. Click here to go directly to the Yodel post.

As you’ve no doubt already read, I’ve decided that I will step down from my role as Chief Executive Officer after my successor has been selected.

Ever since founding Yahoo! with David Filo 13 years ago, I’ve been passionate about this company, its brand, its employees, and the millions of people around the world who consider it their online home. That’s why I accepted the Board’s request to become CEO in June 2007, taking on the challenge of transforming Yahoo! at a time when the industry was evolving quickly and we needed to rethink and restructure our business.

And despite the tough external environment that we face, I truly believe we’ve made tangible progress in bringing our strategic vision to life. Most significantly, we’ve rewired our entire network to create a Yahoo! that has opened its doors to outside publishers and developers. We’ve launched an advertising platform that we think will transform how ads are bought and sold online. And we’ve continued to grow our audience –- standing first or second in more than 20 product categories and demonstrating that Yahoo! is the place users turn for major events like the Olympics and the Elections.

And now I believe the time is right for us to bring in a new leader –- someone who will build on the important pillars we’ve put in place and who will take the reins on the critical decisions our company faces. As for me, I’ll be returning to my role as Chief Yahoo and board member once my successor is named. I’ll go back to focusing on our global strategy, product excellence, technology innovation, and working with the Board and our executive team to help Yahoo! realize its full potential.

It’s been an extraordinary year here at Yahoo! – for all of us. I’m really proud of the determination and resilience of Yahoos around the world who are so committed to giving you the best Internet experience possible. It is for them, and for you, that I will always bleed purple.

Jerry Yang Chief Yahoo and CEO

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