Yahoo!: We Could Use Google or Bing Search

Lately Yahoo! has been adding more and more third party tools to its website. Be it Facebook, Twitter or the ability to check your non-Yahoo! email accounts, the company is definitely opening things up. However, one thing we didn't expect was that the company would consider letting users choose an alternate search engine from the Yahoo! homepage.

Back in August Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz surprised a lot of people when she said her company "was never a search company." Despite having 20 percent of the search market, Bartz insisted, "her fortunes are tied to her pages," and it seems she's not the only Yahoo! who thinks so. This week senior director Burke Culligan said having other search engines on the Yahoo! homepage "may not be out of the question."

“Right now, we’re not doing that but long-term that may not be out of the question,” Culligan told analysts, according to PaidContent. “We want to provide the best experience for the user and, in some way, if that was the best experience for the user we might be open to that.”

Would you be more inclined to use the Yahoo! homepage as a one stop shop for your news, weather, mail, etc. if you could use an alternate search engine? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Clintonio
    For the first time since Yahoo! changed my home page sometime in 2005, I don't hate something Yahoo has said.

    Let's just hope they make all of their products slightly less ugly now.