OS Xbox Pro Mod: Four HDDs, Windows 7, OS X

I think calling this an OS Xbox Pro is a little unfair because it does run both Windows 7 and OS X. Then again, OS Xbox kind of fits better than Windows Xbox (careful saying that one out loud) so perhaps that's what modder Will Urbina was getting at when he named his creation.

Packing Intel's Core 2 Quad Q9550s (2.93GHz), an Nvidia GeForce 9800GT card, 8GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, and four traditional hard drives (one each to boot Windows 7 and OS X, and two 500GB 7,200rpm drives in a RAID0 array for video editing), Engadget cites Will as saying his total parts cost was under $1,500 for a system that amounts to a $4,500 Mac Pro.

Check out the video below.

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  • Anonymous
    Awesome vid. Although why was the ubuntu not mentioned? :( Was the best OS of the 3.
  • timbozero
    Tell me how this is an Xbox in any way more than he used 60% of the outer casing ?
  • N19h7M4r3
    awesome job...