WSJ: Motion Sensitive Camera Coming for Xbox

Just a few weeks back, rumors hit a high about the possibility that Sony might introduce a motion sensing controller at E3. Similar rumors suggest Microsoft could also be developing some motion sensing equipment of its own and again, E3 could be a launchpad for the device.

This week the Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft developing a new video camera for the Xbox 360 that will allow players to control games with the movement of their bodies. Citing anonymous sources, WSJ says that unlike the Wii’s controller-sensor combo, the Microsoft camera won't require users to hold any hardware to control on-screen action. Rather, the camera would sit near the television and capture when players move their hands, legs or head. This further confirms speculation that Microsoft purchased 3DV Systems for its ZCam tech.

E3 is shaping up quite nicely this year. If both Sony and Microsoft announce something like this, we could be in for a very interesting show. Who’s interested in Microsoft’s idea? We quite like the ‘no controller necessary’ angle. Let us know in the comments below!

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