Xbox 360 Elite May Get Phased Out

Rumors that Microsoft may be phasing out the Xbox 360 Elite console may be true depending on how Resident Evil 5 Elite sales go, according to Fudzilla resources. 

Fudzilla's behind the scenes contacts have revealed a unique strategy for the high profile Elite edition, where retail orders of the Elite would cease in the second quarter of 2009 in order to allow remaining inventory to deplete.  Once on hand inventory is eliminated, Microsoft would then consider phasing in a new limited edition version of the Elite, with exclusive distribution at select retailers.

According to the source, the primary reason for the elimination of the Arcade, Pro, and Elite business strategy is the economy.  The Elite edition currently demanding a significant premium in price over the other versions.  The Xbox 360 Arcade is priced at $199.99, the Pro at $299.99, and the Elite at $399.99.  The main difference between the Pro and the Elite edition is the color scheme of the console and controller, and a 120 GB hard drive. 

As reported by Fudzilla, Xbox 360 Elite consoles sit on the shelves significantly longer than the Arcade and Pro editions.  With the Xbox 360 receiving significant upgrades in heat management, die size, and DVD drives, older Elite consoles tend to offer less value over the other versions the longer they sit. 

Official responses on the matter are expected within the coming weeks. 

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  • b3n
    I think people aren't buying Elites because they know that they are much more likely to get a console with the latest chipset (e.g. Jasper) if they buy an Arcade version.

    I wanted an Elite for years but the reason above is why I never got around to buying one.

    In the end I bought an Arcade 360 (Jasper) and bought a 120GB hard drive for it. Now it is identical to an Elite, except that it is white instead of black (and it has 256 flash memory built in). Price was about the same.