XFX's ATI Eyefinity Video is Unusual

AMD last week debuted its ATI Eyefinity technology, which allows a single graphics card to drive up to six monitors. Beyond that, multiple cards will be able to join forces to compose an image using 24 monitors.

AMD boasts that the Eyefinity is able to combine so many displays that it'll be able to produce a resolution that approaches "eye-definition optical clarity" at 12 times 1080p high-definition. With a combined theoretical resolution of 268 megapixels, AMD says that it is roughly equivalent to the resolution of a 90 degree arc of what the human eye sees.

Of course, such a claim is impressive and will likely create some interesting marketing ideas. XFX has already created a video that conveys the level of visual realism that could be achieved with so many pixels.

It's a little strange, especially for a video card; but maybe it'll appeal to the gamer fantasy. You can watch and decide for yourself.

XFX ATI Eyefinity Commercial

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