X-COM FPS May Become Third Person Shooter

There's been plenty of X-COM: Enemy Unknown excitement as of late, since the highly-anticipated remake will be tangible in a week.

Where's the other X-COM game that 2K announced with Enemy Unknown? After its initial announcement, there's been little news on the X-COM shooter besides its delays.

Now, according to some screenshots sent into Kotaku (apparently, they were included as a part of a 2K marketing survey), it seems like the new X-COM game may be taking an entirely new direction. The X-COM title may be shirking the FPS genre in favor of a third person squad-based game, which bridges the gaps between the original turn-based strategy games and the new shooter a little better.

Apparently, the survey also revealed that 2K may be changing this game into a cheaper, downloadable one, as one of the questions asks the survey takers whether or not they'd prefer a downloadable title on PS3 and Xbox 360—yes, it looks like the PC has been neglected, once again—for $30 over a $60 title.

However, all this remains a rumor, as 2K's refused to shed light on the situation: "We have not made any new announcements regarding the XCOM title currently in development at 2K Marin, and it is our policy not to comment on rumors or speculation."

You can view all of the alleged X-COM screenshots here.

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  • Dandalf
    haha! no one cares what you do with this bastardized remake any more! Enemy Unknown has beat you to it, and is much more accurate!
  • eiskrystal
    Are we getting excited about another classic game being turned into a generic FPS shooter? If you are, you're a retard.