Amped Wireless Launches Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8

On Tuesday Amped Wireless launched the TAN1, a high-power Wi-Fi adapter designed specifically for use with Windows 8 Pro-based tablets, Ultrabooks and laptops. Naturally these devices already have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, but the company's new adapter promises up to three times greater range using two high gain 2dBi antennas, two 600mW power amplifiers and high-power wireless reception amplifiers crammed into one portable form factor.

"While there are some great new features for managing Wi-Fi in Windows 8, manufacturers are still compromising Wi-Fi performance for aesthetics and slimmer form factors," stated Jason Owen, CEO, Amped Wireless. "With the TAN1, Windows 8 users now have a true plug and play solution for uncompromised long range Wi-Fi performance that allows for connections to Wi-Fi networks from much greater distances."

The TAN1 connects to any Windows 8 Pro-based USB port, requiring no additional software or driver set-up. Sporting an "elegant", compact form factor, it can be used on a flat surface like an office desk or kitchen table, or safely fastened to the edge of a screen using an included adjustable clip. The device can also be fastened to most tablets using protective cases.

Unlike most integrated Wireless N hardware which caps speeds at 150 Mbps, the TAN1 enables up to 300 Mbps, the max you can achieve on the 2.4 GHz band. Unfortunately, the adapter doesn't support 5 GHz, so users will be locked to the 300 Mbps peak speed. The company also points out that internal Wi-Fi adapters only have an antenna power of less than 1dBi compared to TAN1's stronger 2dBi, and an amplifier output of 50mW compared to the TAN1's 600mW.

"The TAN1 is a high performance, versatile Wi-Fi adapter that enables your Windows 8 device to connect to Wi-Fi networks from greater distances while relaxing in your backyard, traveling through an airport or working at a coffee shop," the company said. "Enjoy faster downloading, web browsing and buffer-free media streaming throughout your entire home or office with the High Power Wi-Fi Adapter."

The TAN1 High Power Wi-Fi Adapter for Windows 8 retails for $59.99, and can be purchased now at the Amped Wireless website here. It will also be carried in retail locations nationwide beginning early May 2013.

Note: the TAN1 is not compatible with Windows 8 RT, Android or iOS devices.

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