Windows 8.1 May Update Apps in Background

Another new feature stemming from Windows 8.1 has surfaced, revealing that the new OS will allow Windows Store apps to update automatically in the background via Windows Update. Currently users must jump into Windows Store and manually update their apps even if the setting to automatically download the updates is switched on.

The new feature stems from Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9385. BetaArchive reports that the Movie Moments app received an unexpected facelift over the weekend, updated to version 6.3.9394 via Windows Update. The Windows Update "installation history" even verified the update with this message: "Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: Microsoft.MovieMoments."

"Not only was that the only app that was updated, but apps by the names of 'PlayReady Client', 'VCLibs Preview Internal' and 'WinJS 2.0 Preview Internal' are also updated, and have version numbers ranging from 6.3.9345 to 6.3.9391," the report states.

Build 93865 is the latest Windows 8.1 leak, and follows build 9364 which was unleashed back in March, and the more recent build 9369 and build 9374. This build was reportedly being distributed to Partners of the Microsoft Partner Network just a week prior to the leaked screens, and compiled on April 15. New features discovered in the build includes better f12 developer tools for Internet Explorer 11, settings that enable lock screen notifications and a few more.

One of the big features expected to arrive in Windows 8.1 is a boot-to-desktop option so that users can bypass the new interface altogether without the need for a third-party app. The Start button will reportedly also reappear although it will only load up the Start screen, not the traditional Start menu seen in Windows 7 and older. Users will also have more customization features for the Start screen.

We expect to know more about Windows 8.1 during the BUILD developer conference next month. We may even see the release of the Public Preview build during the event as well.

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