A Look At Windows Server 2008

Configuring Services

The configuration of the File Services we just installed can be performed from the Server Manager as well. On its start page, the File Services are now listed in the server roles.

Windows 2008 Server

Clicking on this link brings the administrator directly to the options available for this service. The following survey page shows all relevant information, such as related event log entries and the processes that are currently running.

This exemplifies the advantage of the new Server Manager: Should the server role not be available for some reason, for example because of a missing or stalled service, the Server Manager would display a warning here. The administrator could even (re)start the stalled service from this page.

Windows 2008 ServerWindows 2008 Server

Below the main page there are some additional options tailored specifically to the currently selected server role. Thus, in our example, we find additional options for disk management as well as share and storage management.

Windows 2008 ServerWindows 2008 Server