A Look At Windows Server 2008

The Go Live License for Productive Environments

Windows Server 2008 RC0 is under a license that excludes it from use in a productive (i.e. real-world) environment, since it is still an unfinished product. However, Microsoft understands that is important that servers, especially web servers, be tested under hard, real-world conditions. For this reason, the software giant offers a special “Go Live” license, which allows the IIS 7 to be installed on and used together with Windows Server 2008 RC0 on production systems.

Windows 2008 Server

While there is no usage fee and the software is also free of charge, the license is limited to the duration of the beta test. Once the final version hits the stores, users can upgrade to a real license.

Windows 2008 Server

If you’re wary of using non-final software on your own production servers, there is another option as well. Several professional web hosting companies have created offers specifically tailored to the situation during the beta phase. Most of these offers are either free of charge of very inexpensive.