A Look At Windows Server 2008

Web Server: IIS Version 7

Windows Server 2008 comes with the new version 7 of the Internet Information Services (IIS). Basically, this comprises a web server package and is thus a direct competitor to the Apache web server project.

The advantage of Microsoft’s solution is the option of using ASP (Active Server Pages) to create dynamic web pages – without having to install additional software. Thanks to the integration of .NET components, this language has become quite powerful and versatile. However, in the past the IIS has been plagued by security issues, although this has improved over the past years.

Windows 2008 ServerWindows 2008 Server

Compared to its predecessor, the configuration of the IIS has been greatly simplified. All settings are now found in the Server manager, the required services as well as the available options are listed clearly.

Windows 2008 ServerWindows 2008 Server

The IIS Manager in version 6 as it was used in the Windows Server 2003 was much less clearly structured and much harder to manage.

Windows 2008 Server