A Look At Windows Server 2008

Virtualization: Additional Features

In order to use additional features such as time synchronization, data/file exchange between guest and host system, automatic shutdown or the heartbeat function, it is necessary to install the Integration Services on the guest system. This only works if the guest systems are either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. Client systems such as Windows Vista are not supported.

Windows 2008 ServerWindows 2008 Server

Automatic Shutdown

The automatic shutdown feature ensures that the guest OS is stopped safely when the host has to shut down or restart. This functionality is unavailable if the Integration Services are not installed. Therefore, the only options for client systems such as Windows Vista are hibernate mode (manually) or simply killing the machine when the host shuts down.

Windows 2008 Server

Heartbeat – The Pulse of the System

Using the heartbeat function, the virtualization environment can check whether the operating system of the virtual machines is still reacting. To this end, the Integration Services send a special signal to the server. Should the guest OS freeze, the server will notice the absence of the heartbeat signal and can restart the virtual machine.

Windows 2008 Server