Windows 7 SP1 Screenshots Leaked

Earlier this week, we reported that testers can expect to get hands on the first service pack for Windows 7 this summer, with the final release happening in fall.

Such reports came from word that the big SP1 is already undergoing preliminary testing, and it seems that someone's already taken and posted screenshots of the install process.

Spanish Windows site Muy Windows (translated) has the screenshots of the Windows 7 SP1 install process.

There haven't been much word on what major changes, if any, to expect other than the inclusion of all patches and fixes released to date and the likely inclusion of USB 3.0 support.

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  • Anonymous
    Obviously those screenshots aren't fake.
  • mi1ez
    If these are from the same PC, why is it in 2 languages?
  • 3xe
    mi1ez, the first pic has no window title, the second has a windows window title. Hope that helps