MSFT Selling 7 Copies of Windows 7 Every Second

Back in January, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 was the fastest selling OS of all time. Today the company added to that with details that Redmond has sold 150 million licenses so far. Seven Windows 7 licenses are being sold every single second.

Microsoft announced that the company had sold 90 million licenses back in March, just a few days after after the expiration of the free use of Windows 7 Release Candidate.

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  • silver565
  • mi1ez
    Steve looking even more simple than normal!
  • shanky887614
    the reason that google's os is unpopular is that i depends on googles servers staying running

    look at the drim servers for assaisns creed for example

    they crashed as soon as the game came out from ther sheer amount of people

    and becasue of bandwith and download speeds you will never get more than 50 meg read and 20 meg write speeds

    i can get way more than that on my pc

    and considering most internet providers limit your bandwith to less than 100gb a month or 3gb a day that is not much