UK Customers to Get Windows 7 Half U.S. Price

Those living in the UK are used to looking at the prices of goods around the rest of the world before letting out a sigh and accepting that things just cost more in Great Britain. But it seems that those very same consumers will be getting a break with Windows 7 – which at present time will be selling for nearly half of what U.S. consumers pay.

CNet spotted the online prices for Windows 7 preorders, which run £65 for the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Converted to US$107, which compares favourably to the US$200. In fact, the £65 is even below the U.S. cost of the upgrade, which will run for US$120. Check it out on

Now that there doesn't look to be a separate SKU for a browserless version of Windows 7, a product key could be a product key wherever it's activated. Could there be an opportunity for arbitrage?

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  • mactronix
    It seems that this time MS are listening, so far every point that has been moaned about has been dealt with favourably. No Back up- fixed. Pricing taking the piss- Fixed i could go on but more importantly.
    I WANT A NEW COMPUTER WITH MY W7 MS :) No seriously though how about a money off token for an i5/i7 motherboard ?? :)
  • paperfox
    Is $200 for Windows Premium the cost for a retail version in the US? cus if it is what about the OEM versions that are sold that are half of what the retail versions cost. For an example I found Vista Ultimate retail for $320 at frys and its $180 OEM at newegg.
  • Anonymous
    sorry to be the bearer of even worse news but we in the uk have got pre-ordered copies of Win7 home premium for less than £50 the quivalent of $82 dollars.