Panel Makers Show Off Win 7 Friendly Multitouch

The last few months have been riddled with rumors, betas and RCs about the new Windows software. Now that we have a nice solid release date of October 22, we can move onto more important things, like talking about the hardware.

Digitimes today reports that panel manufacturers, including eTurbo Touch, Mildex Optical and Integrated Digital Technologies (IDT), are showcasing multi-touch technology supporting Microsoft Windows 7. According to DT, eTurbo Touch is showcasing a whole ream of netbooks and all-in-one PCs equipped with analog matrix resistive (AMR) touch panel, indicating that its AMR touch panel is validated by Microsoft and is ready for mass production.

Is there anybody out there running Windows 7 and liking the OS so much that they’re considering buying a touchscreen computer to use with it? Let us know!

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