Nintendo Wii set to break records

The Nintendo Wii is set to become the most successful console around.

The console has already received the Aussie seal of approval by selling 200,000 units five weeks faster than any other console.

The Wii is popular to say the least. So popular that it has been in short supply since it’s release. If the Wii keeps up current sales figures then it could be looking at a record for the fastest–selling console ever made.

The only thing standing in the way is you can’t seem to get one for love nor money now.

If you’re looking for a Wii, try Amazon. Or, if you’re particularly wealthy, you might try bidding for that £1m Wii that some plonker is trying to shift on eBay. He is, apparently, saving for a PS3. Why a PS3, we don’t know, why he needs £1m for one leaves us even more puzzled.

Failing that, you could always buy an iPhone. There’s loads of them lying around the place.

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