Wii launch new virtual game gifts

Redmond (WA) - Nintendo has launched a new service that allows users to buy a Virtual Console game and send it to another user’s Wii console wirelessly.

Wii owners can log onto the system’s "Wii Shop" channel to download classic games from past gaming platforms through a service called the "Virtual Console".

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Users can pay with credit cards or with prepaid Wii Points cards, available at major retailers. The new option allows users to send purchased content to another Wii in lieu of downloading it to their own console.

If the selected user already owns that title, the buyer will be notified before the purchase is finalized, and offer the option of choosing another title instead.

The recipient’s Wii must already be registered under the console’s "friend code" system. It must also have a wireless broadband Internet connection. The gifting feature is available with the entire collection of over 100 VC titles.

Alongside the new feature, this week’s additions to the Virtual Console are the NES’s Ghosts ’n Goblins, the Neo Geo’s Baseball Stars 2, and the Nintendo 64’s Pokemon Snap. Snap is notable because it is the first VC title to have expanded Wii integration. Players can send pictures they take in the game to the Wii Message Board.

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