Brookstone Sells Wi-Fi Enabled Cufflinks for $250

Secret gadgets and gismos have always been an interest for men since the adventures of James Bond have been popularized in books and movies. Keeping secrets secret while keeping stylish harkens to Ian Fleming’s hero, and what better way to do so than by keeping your secrets at your hands? The Polished Oval WiFi/2GB USB cufflinks allow you to keep those secrets inconspicuously right at the flick of your wrist.

One cufflink breaks off at the rear and provides a safe hiding place for up to 2GB of data. Need to smuggle out account data for some espionage? They have a way of getting you in and out without setting off alarms. Need to take something back from the office to work at home? You’re covered there too. For those on the go trips, the other cuff link can provide a Wi-Fi signal.

Of course, it also works great if you need to upload that illicit account data to your remote secure server back at MI:6. All while looking as fresh as a shaken not stirred martini. If you're in the mood for some espionage, and have the dough for it head on over to Brookstone to grab your own for a hefty $249.


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  • benji720
    $250 for 2GB? I'd rather get cheap cufflinks at ross and tape a flash drive to my leg or something.
  • CaedenV
    while this is cool... I am a little confused about the wifi part of this. I mean, is James Bond smuggeling a large desktop into a high security area, only to realize that the place he is setting up has no ethernet available? So he slyly uses one of his cuff links rather than just installing a wifi card in the computer to begin with?
  • memadmax
    I'm not buying those unless I can shoot heat seeking missiles from them!