Whitehouse representative gets creative on Wikipedia

We all know how tempting it is to jump to the defence of a friend or colleague when keyboard warriors show their faces but probably best not to do it from a work computer.

This goes double for when it’s a colleague and triple for when the man whose policies you’re defending has trouble opening doors.

A Whitehouse representative edited an article on the popular online “encyclopaedia”, Wikipedia defending Bush’s actions in Iraq with all kinds of bizarre statements. It’s people like this that force us to put encyclopaedia in quotation marks.

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The article was edited by someone who had a House of Representatives IP address and hinted at all kinds of connections between the Iraqi Government and Al Qaeda.

Of course there were no citations for the edits and the fanciful article was awash with non-committal phrases like “An alleged link” and “it has been claimed”.

This information was edited over two years ago but has only recently been available to Jack and Jill because of Wikipedia’s newest software, which allows you to see who has been editing what on the site.

You can see the edits to the article here.

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