White iPhone to Go On Sale in UK This Week

Apple has had quite a bit of trouble getting the iPhone 4 out the door. Though it’s never actually detailed the issues it’s run into while trying to manufacture a white version, theories include reportd that the light-coloured casing results in washed out photos when the user uses the flash to take photographs with the device’s camera. Whatever the problem was, Apple has clearly found a way around it, as evidence suggests the white iPhone is launching this week.

Backing up reports that U.S. retailers are gearing up for an April 27 (Wednesday) launch is news that one lucky Londoner has already managed to snag a 16GB model through Vodafone. Engadget reports that the salesperson rang it up as a black iPhone and that the transaction went off without a hitch. However, shortly after, Vodafone sent out a notice to stop sales of the white iPhone 4 "until next week."

Still nothing more official than that when it comes to a release date, though numerous reports suggest the device will launch on April 27 in other countries, so we can probably safely assume tomorrow is white iPhone 4 day for us too. Also, it’s not just Vodafone readying itself for the white iPhone 4. This day last week Three accidentally published white iPhone 4 pricing on its website, with a delivery date of April 20 (last Wednesday). The page, now unavailable, listed the 32GB white iPhone 4 at £159 when purchased with a 2-year £35/month contract (5000 texts, 2000 minutes and unlimited data). 

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  • LePhuronn
    Needs more black on it - looks so pale and washed out.