Real ID Keeps WoW Players Connected

During E3 2010, Blizzard revealed a new feature for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and other games that will utilize Called Real ID, this voluntary service creates a "friends list" of sorts that provides the real names of players, their army of characters, and the ability to see what they're currently doing on Real ID even provides a cross-game, cross-realm chat client.

"One of our goals for the new is to create the framework for an online gaming experience that is even more accessible, more engaging, and more entertaining than the previous," the company said. "Our new Real ID feature is an integral part of this effort, providing you with advanced ways for forming and maintaining meaningful relationships with your friends on the service."

Borrowing from social networks and IM clients, gamers will also be able to broadcast short status messages to other friends on their list. Blizzard offered an example, saying that Real ID users can issue a call-to-arms, or let friends know about an important change of plans. Broadcast messages are also fed to the user's front page--this is handy for sending messages when friends are busy or not logged onto the network.

"When you agree to become Real ID friends with another player, both of you will automatically see all the other characters on your friends list," blizzard said. "You'll even see any characters your friend creates in future Blizzard games, carrying your social network forward and helping you stay connected with the people you enjoy playing with most."

Real ID is expected to launch alongside the upcoming patch (v3.3.5) for World of Warcraft.

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  • Anonymous
    I don't know that this is all a good thing, sometimes I like to play on random alts without the knowledge of my friends, if it allows you to select which characters you want to show online status for that would be good.
  • Anonymous
    Activision-Blizzard has nothing but contempt for people who value their privacy, this company has gone absolutely over the top, I warn anyone to stay away. This is how arrogant they have become - enough to publicly insult those who disagree with them about REAL ID, and give fodder to their fan-boys to further sneer at those who still cherish their right to privacy: