AMD Launching 'Volcanic Islands' GPUs in 2013

Rage3D recently went on a tour of AMD’s Austin Campus and sat down with the company’s CPU Architect, Jim Keller, and its Business Transformation Officer (BTO), Checkib Akrout. The discussion covered the company's future plans, its new CPU architectures, and provided the long awaited confirmation that the “Volcanic Islands” GPUs will arrive this year.

 “The Sea Islands codename encompasses the PS4 chip, as well as the new mobile chips announced at CES, and the Bonaire GPU found in the Radeon HD 7790. I bring this up because it shows the people inside AMD continue to work hard, long hours to deliver great products amongst the turmoil shown in the press.

The next generation of graphics cards -- Volcanic Islands -- is coming this year and shaping up nicely. When you name products after places, it leads to interesting thoughts about where to hold events surrounding that namesake product. Typically places that are cheap to get travel to internationally for a worldwide congregation are preferred, so I'm off to renew my passport on the off chance I'm headed to Reykjavik later this summer. But I sure as hell wouldn't complain about being sent to Honolulu, either.”