Rumor: AMD 'Centurion' Will Clock at 5 GHz

Unnamed sources have informed Hexus that AMD is currently working on a "Super FX" chip using the same "Vishera" design powering the AMD FX-8350 eight-core desktop 32-nm CPU (socket AM3+) launched back in October 2012. This new FX chip is codenamed "Centurion" and will supposedly be made in limited quantities.

AMD's current FX-8350 CPU, the company's first eight-core CPU based on the second-generation "Piledriver" design, features 8 MB of total L2 cache (1 MB per core), 8 MB of L3 cache, and a TDP of 125W. It's also has a base frequency speed of 4.0 GHz and a Turbo frequency speed of 4.2 GHz. That's more than 10-percent faster than AMD's previous top-end CPU, the AMD FX-8150.

The supposed "Centurion" chip, according to sources, will be clocked at 5 GHz air-cooled – whether that number is a base frequency or a Turbo clock is unknown at this point. Also unknown is what type of voltage the chip will require, or what kind of supporting hardware users will need to accommodate the high-speed  chip.

Even more, "Centurion" will supposedly cost $795 when it hits the market in limited quantities – that's rather hefty when compared to the FX-8350's current pricetag of $200. Still, given AMD's recent hard push to drive PC gaming with the Never Settle Bundle, it wouldn't be surprising if AMD's new "Super FX" chip will slide right into that promotion sometime this summer.

A 2013 AMD Desktop roadmap leaked last fall revealed that the company's performance CPU line will rely on a Vishera refresh expected to launch in June, packed with new "Piledriver" x86 cores and compatibility with Radeon HD 7xxx and 8xxx GPUs. AMD's 28-nm processors based on the third-generation "Steamroller" architecture may not arrive until late 2013 or possibly into 2014.

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  • gandyhehe
    the one thing amd have going for them is that thier products r cheap, an $800 cpu barely better then the current gen just seems like a stupid move
  • Pailin
    I think the pricing is pretty close to the price of the Intel 3930K CPU and is reasonably fair game.

    With bundled games and lower retail prices, perhaps they are aiming right for a retail consumer product.
    Its a Lot faster than their stock products!
    Could be a limited volume run?

    They have been making some good moves recently, pretty sure they will keep heading in the right direction now.
  • bemused_fred
    Because when you can't compete on per clock performance.....