Virgin Media Offering £10 Unlimited Data to PAYG Users

Smartphones are capable of a lot these days. Unfortunately, a device's utility is often limited by the size of the user's data cap. You can easily blow through data streaming videos but those with smaller data caps need to be careful of their consumption so they don't hit their limit half way through the month.

Really, your best bet is an unlimited plan that allows you to download data-guzzling apps with reckless abandon. Today, Virgin Media announced an unlimited data plan for those on Pay As You Go as opposed to a contract. The tariff offers unlimited data to customers that top up by £10. Dubbed "Big Data and Texts," the tariff affords you 300 texts and unlimited data. An extra fiver will net you unlimited texting on top of unlimited data.

In addition to "Big Data and Texts," the company also announced "Big Talk," which caters to those that prefer to talk rather than tweet. Topping up £15 will get you unlimited calls to landlines, 120 any-time network minutes, and unlimited texts. You can also drop the texts and knock five pounds off the price.

Virgin says that customers will start out on their "Starter" tariff until they choose one of the two aforementioned options. The "Starter" tariff charges 50p a day for 25MB, 12p for texts, and 26p a minutes to any UK mobile or landline. If you're a current customer and want to change, you definitely can, but you won't be able to go back to your old tariff.

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  • mi1ez
    Already gone 3.
  • Anonymous
    Accept 3 network is soon as you are outside of there network you get dumped onto the Orange network...great you might think but 3 dont have a data share plane with orange not even GPRS! so no eamils...not facebook no Google Maps when you are driving..
  • mi1ez
    I've never really left 3's range. I get much better coverage than I did with Vodafone both at home and at work.