Lenovo's $10,000 Laptop That You Can't Have

We're used to seeing blinged-out iPhones and consoles, but laptops are a whole other story. We stopped by Pepcom last week and while we were badgering/chatting to Lenovo about the ThinkPad Edge 11-shaped hole in the North American market, the Lenovo rep on hand distracted us with this little work of art.

We don't blame you if you don't recognize the hardware that is the IdeaPad U160. After all, she's barely recognizable under all that sparkle (it's impossible not to use the female pronoun when faced with a laptop this sexy). Lenovo couldn't actually tell us much about the laptop itself. We asked the rep if it was available to buy and he said no. We asked how much it cost and he said they didn't know, but after a quick conferral with another Lenovo rep said he'd heard "around $10,000." We asked why it existed and he didn't really know that either.

Not a lot of information, but a little poking around the web reveals that the glitzed-up IdeaPad comes courtesy of Computer Choppers (the same people that brought us the 24-carat gold MacBook Pro) and boasts a 14-carat white gold and diamond logo, along with highly scratch resistant platinum plating on the lid. Not only that, but the diamond logo actually sparkles thanks to an LCD backlight. Swoon!

Though Computer Choppers does specialize in making the owners of regular electronics a target for muggers, the glammed-up IdeaPad U160 (dubbed the UberLux) is actually the result of an Intel/Lenovo campaign called 'What's Your Idea of Fun?' Part of the campaign is a mod contest that will see the eventual winner head to CES 2011. Computer Choppers' founder entered the content with this IdeaPad mod.

Check out the 'What's Your Idea of Fun?' website for more pictures of the UberLux.

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  • nxym
    there is this fingerprint near the diamond filled logo that makes this laptop less worthy than $1K
  • nebun
    crap i tell you
  • Superwack
    not worth it