UK iPad Fans Queueing Since 07:30 Yesterday

As was the case for the U.S. launch, there are plenty of people are mad to get their hands on the new iPad and the biggest queues seem to be at Apple's Regent Street and Covent garden locations. There's said to be about 300 people at Regent Street and reports of 600 people at Covent garden are coming in. Word on the street is that the sunshine and mild weather are making for faster growth

Tech Radar described the mood of the Regent Street line as 'jovial' and spoke to Jewel, who said he’s arrived 33 hours early to get the 64GB white version (that’s 07:30 on Thursday). His old iPad 1 will be handed-down to his kids.

The  'VIPs' (those right at the top of the line) are getting a ton of free stuff. They've already gotten some free cases from Griffin, and Jewel's position as number one snagged him a free bed. Still, they've been reaching out to different companies on Twitter and pointing out that silly people like me are willing to write whole articles about them. They're after energy drinks to keep themselves nice and perky, so if you're feeling charitable or lonely, you might pick up a crate of red bull and drop down to Regent Street.

Are you queuing? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • 13thmonkey
    And the irony of getting a UK site is that now we get to see that we are all suckers for the new tech nmarketing BS. I'll live with that, if thats the price of a UK site.
  • JMcEntegart
    13thmonkeyI'll live with that, if thats the price of a UK site.

    I'm glad I didn't have to break out the old 'easy/hard way' ultimatum.