20% of Brits Think Steve Jobs is a Soccer Player

I know there's a lot of people who couldn't care less about technology and it doesn't bother me. My own sister doesn't know the difference between HD DVD and Blu-ray. I'm used to repeatedly explaining why a home movie I burned onto a CD-RW won't work in her DVD player. I've even gotten used to the dreaded tech support phone calls. "I'm at the local library, the computer is frozen and I can't find the power button!" She lives in a different world. Hers is filled with sheet music and instruments she's only had a couple of days with but can somehow play. Some people just have different interests and that doesn't make them any less intelligent than the rest of us. Be that as it may, some of the people in this clip really freaked me out. How could they not know what a social networking site is?

A little background before you watch, perhaps? A UK PR firm decided to conduct an IT survey in which they asked 1,000 people questions about technology. Nothing too difficult but sort of general knowledge questions like who is Bill Gates. The harder ones include, "What is a wireless dongle?" "What is phishing?" and "What is a pixel?"

Surprisingly, even the easier questions, such as "Who is Steve Jobs?" went unanswered. 20 perecent of people thought he was a soccer player,10 percent thought he was a trade union leader and the older gentleman at 3:28 looked genuinely insulted that he was being asked any questions at all. "Steve Jobs? I've never heard of the man," he declared. Or, my personal favourite part of his interview, "Phishing… If anyone of those [answers] is to do with this Internet or email, then tick that one."

To be fair, the Brits are not alone when it comes to ignorance in this area. The two American ladies at 1:47 knew who Steve was but were tripped up by Bill Gates' profession. Eventually settling on the answer, "Windows," the two knew that Bill lived in Seattle but couldn't name his company.

As for the two adorable French lasses at 2:37, "Very… little … bad English!" Unless their interviewer also had flash cards or visual aids, I think their interview can be discounted.

Watch below and tell us how you think your friends/spouses/family would do.

UK IT survey

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  • kobbra
    Well to be honest I'm pretty sure that my parents have no idea who is Steve Jobs, or what twitter or facebook are, but I don't consider them less intelligent. Jane you've said the best:"Some people just have different interests and that doesn't make them any less intelligent than the rest of us". And the persons in this video, actually many of them, were quite informed, about different technologies or tech related persons, so it wasn't that bad. Oh yeah btw I have my own small quiz(try to answer without googling your answer):
    What does MS-DOS stand for?
    What does BIOS stand for?
    AGain no googling.
  • redkachina
    LoL that's amusing..
  • princeofdreams
    Why is it important that someone knows who Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are? Seriously now it has absolutely no importance at all unless you are part of the IT industry, and even then still has very little significance.

    I think people who don't know what social networking sites are are blessed to be honest, they have real lives, not everyone in the world needs to type "I'm in the supermarket deciding what to have for dinner" on twitter to have a sense of self satisfaction with their lives.

    We have become obsessed with technology, with connectivity and this whole process of putting your stamp on the (virtual) world, some people are so obsessed with updating everyone with what they are doing, they never actually do anything worthwhile.

    And besides the people who don't have any IT knowledge keep the rest of us employed :) so god bless and may the ignorance and "REAL" lives continue