Digital Living I: Turning Your Home PC Into A uPNP Multimedia Streaming Server

Turn your home PC into a video source for your digital living room. With the right software, virtually any system can be upgraded to a multimedia server, making it compatible with numerous receivers that support the uPNP standard.

Multimedia Server Software

Today, most multimedia receivers support the Universal Plug-and-Play standard (uPNP). If you own a data source that is also compatible with uPNP, setting up a streaming connection of multimedia content (movies, music, pictures) to your TV or stereo is simple. The easiest way to do so is to give your PC multimedia server functionality. All that is needed is the correct software and a PC with a LAN or WiFi connection. In this article, THG presents two such software packages, On2Share Pro and Twonkymedia. We are also going to take a quick look at another application called TVersity, which was still in its beta phase at the time of publication. Thus we are considering it outside of the competition.

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