Survey: One-Third of Broadband Users Pirate

According to one survey, a very large minority of broadband users is pirating copyrighted media.

While Internet pirates are constantly portrayed as a small minority by the media, a new survey suggests that their numbers may be much bigger than anyone thought.

Researchers at Ovum recently conducted a survey of broadband subscribers. All those polled confirmed that they owned a television, and were then questioned about their video downloading habits. According to TorrentFreak, one in every three surveyed admitted to watching illegally downloaded movies and video.

While the numbers should have Pirate Bay fans clapping, there is a (very thin) silver lining for the movie industry. Of those who admitted to illegally downloading video, only 4 percent said they did it on any sort of regular basis, which ends up representing roughly 12 percent of all surveyed. With that in mind, two-thirds of all those surveyed to not see piracy as a moral issue, a major platform for the movie studios and record companies.

It's also noteworthy that the survey had no questions regarding music and software piracy, the number of broadband subscribers who illegally download media in general is probably much higher than one-third.

In other piracy news, the Pirate Bay released a "tracker map" today. Using Google software, the map (seen here), shows which countries are connecting to the popular torrent tracker. Currently, China has the lead, representing somewhere between 29 and 30 percent of all connections. The United States represents roughly eight percent. Currently under fire from the EU, the Pirate Bay's map shows that its reach is definitely worldwide.

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  • waxdart
    98% of all stats are made up but only quart of the amount can be tested against none made up stats. However, in the first part of the year the method used changed. so thats 53% in real terms.

    Or its all Bollocks!
  • psymanproductions
    1/3, is that all?
  • Anonymous
    Yeah there are real geniuses out there. Otherwise why in the World would they be willing to put up with the poor video quality from the likes of youtube and other downloaded video?! For music or software... well that's another story!

    Now that blu-ray has established itself as the only HD format DVD prices are like peanuts so I'm having trouble comprehending why they still feel the need to pirate. As for HD, well these lot probably couldn't afford the equipment that is needed to make any use of the HD content.

    Secondly, one could easily rent or borrow from friends what they want and then have a decent quality video.

    Thirdly, it takes a long time to download large files. Is it worth it?

    I don't like youtube and their low frame rate, pixelated bullsh*t... I think it's a waste of time... But then, that's just me.

    I think most people out there DO pirate software from time to time - even companies admitted in doing it, read it in some article somewhere (can't remember where for the life of me).