Virgin Media Announces a Tivo iPad App

Virgin Media has just announced that iPad users can soon use their tablets to control their TiVo settop boxes. Rather than interrupting your viewing to search through your TV guide or on-demand content, you can now browse the TiVo interface using your iPad, searching the TV guide or on-demand library without interfering with what's on the telly. If you find something better to watch, you can pull it up on the TV with just a swipe of your finger.

The feature is part of the first major software update for the TiVo system and Virgin Media says it plans to roll-out the software update, which will feature the companion app as well as other new features, in the coming months.

"The way viewers watch television is changing faster than ever. Partnering with TiVo has helped us develop the most advanced and flexible TV system in the UK ensuring our customers are able to enjoy the best connected television offering available in the market today," said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media.

"In less than a year since launch we are already building new features to offer our customers more ways to enjoy their service with an unprecedented user experience, and maintaining our position at forefront of technological innovation in TV. The companion app and other forthcoming enhancements we are working on form part of our long term strategy to deliver the most dynamic and user friendly multi-screen entertainment experience in the U.K."

TiVo only launched in the UK in December of last year, allowing viewers to record their favourite shows for viewing at their convenience and access content from online sources like YouTube and the BBC's iPlayer.

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