Report: Nvidia Developing Ultra, LE Variants of GTX Titan

According to a report from, Nvidia is currently planning to expand the GeForce GTX Titan into its own mini-family of products by releasing two new SKUs based on the GK110 silicon that will bear the LE and Ultra monikers.

Those familiar with Nvidia's naming conventions will not be surprised to find that they refer to downscaled and uprated variants of the standard GTX Titan that has different clock rates and quantity of shaders units, TMUs, and ROPs, but maintain the same base platform.


GTX Titan LE

GTX Titan

GTX Titan II “Ultra”

Chip Base

Nvidia GK110

Nvidia GK110

Nvidia GK110





Clock Rates

837 / 876 / 3,000 MHz

837 / 876 / 3,000 MHz

837 / 950 / 3,400 MHz

Raster Engines




Shader Units













5 GB GDDR5 320-bit

6 GB GDDR5 384-bit

6 GB GDDR5 384-bit

Power Consumption (Load)

180 W – 190 W

206 W

220 W – 230 W

3DCenter Performance Index

410% - 430%

480 %

530% - 550%

Though none of this has been officially confirmed by Nvidia, the existence of these variants has been rumored for quite some time now. Their release would certainly improve the company’s ability to compete with AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” graphics card.

The LE and Ultra variants of the GTX Titan are rumored to be released sometime in 2013 / 2014. There has been no shortage of speculation about its price tag. Guru3D is predicting prices of $599 for the LE, $799 for the Titan, and $999 for the Ultra; 3DCenter is placing prices between $599 - $699 for the LE, $980 for the Titan, and over $1,000 for the Ultra.

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  • HEXiT
    i swear nvidia is having a laugh at these prices. the titan has barley 30% over the red teams best but want 50%+ for it... i dunno why the author said its an answer to the upcoming 7790 as there not gonna be in the same price bracket... the 7790 will probably slide in just next to a 660ti so that statement makes little sense to me...
    anyhoo i still think the titan is way way over priced for what it is when you can buy a 7990 for very similar money and get around 30% over the titan on games that support crossfire.
    the more i look the more i think theres some diddling going on to artifically keep the prices higher than they need to be.
    1 minute we are being told no gtx780 the next they bring it out under a different name and claim the yields are to low to make it profitable. now we have this... it really does smack of "we dont have to worry amd cant match it so lets overcharge coz we know they will sell".
  • jpoos
    it's a typo, malta = 7990
  • LePhuronn
    Surely 7790 is a significant error in the article? 7990 dual GPU monster is what the Titan is pitched against.

    But dear god a Titan Ultra? Insane card right there. BUT considering the Titan is Tesla tech repurposed for gaming, if Nvidia REALLY want to now destroy everything around them and show what they TRULY can do (which is what the Titan was supposed to be, right up until the point people were actually buying it in droves) then let's see a Titan X2.

    Yeah I said it, dual GPU Titan.