Thermaltake Intros Flashy LifeCool Notebook Cooler

The LifeCool notebook cooling pad features a mini-USB port, 120mm blue LED fan, while measuring 17.30" x 13.76" x 3.22" and weighing in at 2.49 lbs. The fan speeds can be adjusted from 800 to 1500 RPM, with a rated fan noise of 30.5 dBA (max). If the blue LED light isn't your style, the LifeCool features an on/off control for the light.

In addition, the LifeCool offers a non-slip, skid proof rubber surface design, along with an ergonomic "angel" design for a comfortable use while on bed, desk, kitchen/coffee table or by garden/poolside.

For more information on features, pricing, and availability of this notebook cooler, please visit Thermaltake's product page.

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  • toastninja17
    If the price is right, I'd be awesome to get just for looks.
  • eddieroolz
    That looks very nice. I'd love to have one to cool my laptop down, though it looks relatively large so I wouldn't be taking it to university.
  • apache_lives
    If 1) your laptop was designed correctly and 2) you didnt use your laptop on the floor/carpet/bed you wouldn't need this product or any similar product as they should NOT be needed.

    Any laptop should be able to run 100% in any condition, anything anywhere without anything extra, if it doesn't its faulty.