Nvidia & AMD Say HDD Shortage is Impacting GPU Sales

In the summer of last year, Thailand was hit with some disastrous flooding that continues to affect HDD companies and and the supply of hard drives. It's not unusual to hear HDD companies and tech analysts talk about the flooding and how it is affecting the industry. However, joining the refrain are companies with no stake in the HDD industry. They say that the shortage of hard drives has impacted PC shipments and, as such, had an effect on their businesses.

The Verge reports that both AMD and Nvidia have said the shortage of HDDs resulting from the flooding has had an impact on sales. Though neither expected to see any impact from the 2011 floods, recent earnings calls have revealed that they are feeling a squeeze due to the hard drive shortage.

Nvidia yesterday told investors it earned approximately $116 million less revenue than it had anticipated and is putting at least some of the blame on the hard drive shortage. Meanwhile, AMD also told investors that it was seeing "a little bit of pressure" thanks to the shortage.

Though neither are in the hard drive business, they say the decline in computer shipments has affected graphics processor sales because fewer computers shipped means less demand for components.

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  • Inferno1217
    The perfect time for SSD manufacturers to lower prices, capitalize and take a huge market and yet another missed opportunity.
  • robwright
    Floods used to be my favorite of the natural disasters (inching out typhoons and placing far ahead of earthquakes and tornadoes). But now this flooding business is really fucking up my world. Between this and the Hangover sequel, Thailand is just getting thrashed....
  • Lord Captivus
    You don’t have to be a finance genius to see that there’s a relation between the HDD and GPU markets. Probably monitor companies have the same problems...