Tegra 2 Google Chrome Tablet Launching Nov 26?

According to Download Squad, Google's old friend HTC is working on a Chrome OS tablet set for release on November 26. The device will be offered in conjunction with Verizon, which means data plans of some sort, but there's no word on whether or not this baby will be available off contract (à la the iPad) also. Download Squad says the device will be heavily subsidized, if not free, and speculates that it could feature Nvidia's Tegra 2; a 1280x720, multitouch display; 2GB of RAM; a minimum of 32GB SSD storage; WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity; a GPS; a webcam; and possibly expandable storage via a multi-card reader. 

If November 26 incites an underlying feeling of dread and the urge to crawl under your bed and eat nothing but turkey until the clocks tick over to November 27, that's because 11/26 the busiest shopping day of the year. You got it, folks, it's Black Friday.

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  • guanyu210379
    Chrome instead of Android?
    Apps library? Is it compatible with Android apps?
  • Silmarunya
    Having Chrome OS instead of Android is a huge advantage. A mobile OS vs a low end notebook OS makes a world of difference, especially for things like text processing.

    I don't think Android apps will work natively on Chrome OS, but I presume some underlying code will be similar and as such porting shouldn't be too hard.
  • Griffolion
    Hopefully it will come out in Europe too. I would either like to have this or the ICD Gemini.