Vodafone Brings Mobile Charging to Cabs

However, while some of us might be more than happy to exchange apps for juice, that doesn’t exactly solve the problem of your phone dying before you make it home from work. Sure, charging it every night or plugging it in whenever you’re at work might be a ritual of yours, but you’ve likely found yourself stuck with a dead phone at one point or another.

So, who better to solve this problem than Vodafone? It seems the wireless carrier has taken pity on all the customers its sold smartphones to, as it’s announced plans to turn cabs into charging stations. Starting this week, Londoners will see hundreds of Vodafone-sponsored taxis roaming around the capital. These Union Jack cabs come with on-board chargers which anyone can use.

"We are committed to offering London the best possible network. We have already made hundreds of improvements to increase coverage, capacity and reliability to ensure Londoners can always stay in touch with friends and family."

Interestingly, users will also be able to pay their cab fare by text, free of charge.

"Vodafone customers should call 0845 680 3409," says Vodafone UK chief exec Guy Laurence. "Once registered, customers can also pay by text: Just text the word ‘Taxi' followed by your taxi's number and the amount you want to pay to 31255 - for example: ‘Taxi 9000 10.00'."

The taxis are part of a broader ‘London Calling’ campaign that will also involve Heathrow Express trains.

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