Asus Details Tablet Plans: Six Slates for 2011

Earlier this week, Acer president Gianfranco Lanci revealed that his company would be launching a whole line of tablet computers on November 23. However, Lanci wasn't exactly generous with the details; the boss neglected to mention how many tablets his company would launch and even which OS they would run on.

Today, Asus decided to one up Acer and had its president reveal some details about its own upcoming tablet line. Unlike Acer, Asus was more than happy to talk details. Digitimes cites company president Jerry Shen who said Asus plans to launch tablet computers in four sizes starting as early as December.

According to Digitimes, Asus will mass produce a 12-inch tablet featuring Windows and an Intel chipset. Mass production will begin in December and Asus will start selling the device in January 2011. Asus reportedly had help from Microsoft when it came to enhancing current touch and UI technologies for the device and considering the January 2011 timeline, we're going to assume that Microsoft's CES keynote will mention some of Asus' tablets.

After that, Asus plans to reveal not one but two 7-inch tablets. Expected to hit in March, one will be WiFi-only, while the other will pack "3.5G" and have phone capabilities. Also expected to launch in March are two 9-inch models. One of these 9-inchers will be a Wintel tablet, while the other will be an Nvidia Tegra 2 and Android affair. Shen didn't talk about price except to say there would be a hundred dollars in the different between the two 9-inch devices.

Read the full story on Digitimes.

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  • jamie_macdonald
    Too late, i got my Galaxy Tab allready! :p