Study Shows Britons Less Interested in Tablets

According to a study carried out by TNS in more than 40 countries, Britons are a full 11 percent behind the European average in terms of tablet lust.The survey, which interviewed 34,000 people in 43 countries found that while the average European country can say 28 percent of its residents plan on buying a tablet in the next six months, only 17 percent of Britons plan on doing so. While the average tablet demand in a European country was 28 percent, the average in Asia is even higher at 31 percent.

The news comes after the much ballyhooed launch of the iPad 2, which saw punters queue up outside Apple stores for hours. The iPad went on sale on Friday, March 25, and some determined fans were waiting outside Apple locations as early as Thursday morning.

With more tablets, such as the Motorola Xoom and Samsungs newly refreshed Galaxy Tab line, it’s likely demand for tablets in the United Kingdom will pick up as more devices become available.

TNS' survey also found that while we’re falling behind in our desire for tablets, we’re coming out on top in social networking on the go. TNS reports that 16 percent, or 5.5 million Britons, access social networks from their phone on a daily basis. That figure is set to rise as 41 percent of UK mobile users who aren’t accessing sites like Facebook from their phones claim to be ‘interested’ in doing just that.

Where do you stand? Will you be buying a tablet before September/October? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous
    Perhaps we think the King is wearing no clothes? or possibly just slightly shiny versions of the ones everybody already wears, except with no pockets for his keys.
  • codefuapprentice
    I dunno about every other brit but i'd love to get an Apple iPad, and some of the other tablet systems, as they can be handier than having a netbook at times.
  • dillyflump
    I'm English and have no plans to buy a tablet at all. Why pay for a limited overpriced piece of kit that performs about a tenth as well as my main PC. The only reason people keep buying them and hyping up new tablet releases are most people these days are nothing more than consumer lemmings, like magpies they'll buy any old crap as long as it's shiny looking.