A Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Sleeve

It is a proven pain-in-the ass fact that pulling out your laptop, tossing it into a plastic bin and waiting for it to come out on the other side of the airport security line is a task you’d rather not have to endure. The TSA finally seems to feel your pain, not too long ago approving "manufacturers to release checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeves after a careful review of design proposals and prototypes."

One of the first out of the gate with this Travel Sentry-approved design is Briggs & Riley Travelware. Briggs & Riley said yesterday bag owners will be able by August 15 to purchase select laptop cases which incorporate its new Travel Sentry-based SpeedThru laptop sleeve. Travel Sentry, according to Briggs & Riley, "creates and manages standards which improve travel security in cooperation with government security agencies, airlines, airports and the travel goods industry."

The new SpeedThru laptop sleeve will specifically be added to the bag maker’s @work and verb business case collections. Existing bag owners will be able to purchase a special upgrade sleeve for around $40, while a standalone sleeve designed for those who just want to carry that will price out at around $90. These latter two items will be available later in the year.

It remains to be seen exactly how the public will initially take to these new sleeves. Will business travelers in a hurry fork over the extra cash for these to save a couple of minutes ? Will TSA agents at different airports not fully know what to do with the new baggage ? We will have to wait and see.

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