Britons Say They're Drunk in 76% of Facebook Photos

We know there are probably a few pictures of us on Facebook from a friend's wedding or our birthday party where we appear a little under the influence. However, it seems we are not alone -- we're not even the minority.

According to a survey conducted by photo book site MyMemory, more than half of us have drunken photos on our pages that we don't want our work colleagues to see, and 8 percent think said photos could get us into "serious trouble" at work. What's more, when asked to estimate how many of their tagged photos were taken while drinking, or after having indulged, the average response from those surveyed was 76 percent.

So, we know they're up there but how do all these embarrassing photos find their way onto Facebook in the first place? Unless you're the kind of person who uploads embarrassing photos of yourself, it's probably your friends doing it, even though they know you'll be three shades of red and purple when you find out. MyMemory's survey found that two thirds of the 1,781 people surveyed had purposely tagged embarrassing photos of friends just for the laugh. Given that little fact, it's rather unsurprising to learn that more than 90 percent of people have untagged embarrassing photos of themselves.

Of course, Facebook has some pretty decent privacy settings for photos, so dodgy tagged pictures shouldn't be an issue. With the click of a button, you can untag any photo of yourself that you don't like, make albums private, and, if you're really paranoid about exposing people from work to your weekend self, you can choose to make your tagged photos only visible to you. Problem solved, right? Kind of. Despite the existence of these settings and the high percentage of people being tagged in embarrassing photos, only 12 percent of those surveyed said they had their tagged photos set to 'only me,' and a quarter have their photos available for the entire world to see. co-founder Rebecca Huggler says that with the party season upon us, we're bound to see a ton more of these kinds of photos

"As the Christmas party season is upon us, there's sure to be thousands more festive pictures uploaded on to social networking sites everyday; many of which I’m sure will also be fuelled by alcohol," she said.

Avoid embarrassing photos by drinking responsibly this holiday season. Responsibly or in secret.

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  • may1
    The one thing I don't understand - how could you get in trouble if a colleague sees a picture of you hanging out with your friends on facebook? I'm talking about a case where the person is doing something that is not work-related in a non-work related area, and a colleague sees you doing something stupid? Apart from it being an extremely embarrassing moment, surely you can't really get into trouble?