Microsoft: Surface Pro Battery Life Half That of Surface RT

Earlier this week, we learned that Microsoft's Surface Pro slate would finally hit stores in January of 2013. The company yesterday announced the launch date and pricing of the upcoming Surface Pro tablets. Unlike the Surface RT versions which range from $499 to $699, these Intel-based models will be more expensive and PC-like, costing consumers a meaty $899 for the standalone 64 GB version and $999 for the standalone 128 GB version. Both are scheduled to arrive on store shelves in January 2013.

However, another key difference between the Pro and RT models will be battery life. According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro will have approximately half the battery life of Surface RT. Redmond made the comment on Twitter, in response to one user asking if the company had 'any comment' on the device's battery.

In case you're not aware, the Surface RT boasts a battery that lasts up to ten hours. According to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, you're looking at between eight and 10 hours. So, for the Surface Pro, that battery is going to last between four and five hours. That's from a brand new machine. We don't even want to think what that will be reduced to after hundreds of charge cycles.

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  • Oh boy here we go. Let what the internets does best commence.
  • phate
    "Battery Life Half that of Surface RT"

    That statement is completely and utterly useless without a qualification about performance.
    I'm guessing the Performance is more than twice that of the ARM tablet.
  • rebel1280
    :( i clicked on this article cause my head translated what i wanted to see: Half Life... turns out its life half, back to boring schedule