Microsoft Surface Sales May Exceed 1 Million in Q4

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is expected to exceed sales of more than a million units during the fourth quarter.

"We see estimated sales of 1.3 million" in the quarter, Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS iSuppli, said. The fourth quarter has a few weeks left before 2013's Q1 period arrives. "I would be surprised to see it much above that."

Due to the Surface RT model launching on October 26 -- well into the fourth quarter since it commenced -- sales of over a million for the tablet would have been carried out in around two months.

However, Boston-based brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton said in a research note that Microsoft is expected to sell less than a million units during the December quarter. Initial Surface RT orders sent to Asia suppliers a month back "were really aggressive," but those numbers weren't "borne out."

Microsoft's projections for Surface's commercial performance, meanwhile, is said to have missed initial expectations by a considerable margin, consequently leading to reports suggesting the software giant reducing production of the device by half.

Surface's Pro model, which delivers the complete Windows 8 experience, is scheduled for a January 2013 launch.


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  • DjEaZy
    ... in other Tom's news iPad Expected to Ship 26 Million Units This Quarter....,19548.html
  • ojas
    Man, it's like every random article that doesn't say much is by Zak. It's like Wolfgang's alias or something. I don't even click on half the articles that i think are written by him. Why did i come here? Because i was bored and knew this was a Zak article :P

    Must return to Indar now ;)

    DjEaZy... in other Tom's news iPad Expected to Ship 26 Million Units This Quarter.... [...] 19548.html

    Shipping and selling are different things...
  • belardo
    Yet according to Business Insider:
    MS cuts its Surface orders in half....
    Windows Phone 8 is doing badly... nobody cares...

    MS is in trouble...